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It is quite uncommon that one patient will suffer from both psoriasis and vitligo but there is a connection between the two diseases. The infrequent propensity of psoriasis to start in, or stay confined to, areas of vitiligo, as well as a alleged confrontation of dark skin to psoriasis, has tempted some to conclude that de pigmented skin may be predisposed to psoriasis. Some confuse de pigmentation caused due to vitligo with psoriasis but actually they are two different diseases. Hardly ever does this happen that a patient is suffering from psoriasis so in that case each disease is care individually and a doctor can best suggest which one to care first.

In these rare cases where a patient is suffering from vitligo psoriasis he/she suffers from de pigmentation, flaky skin, pustules and silvery scales at the same time. Both the diseases have almost the same symptoms therefore many confuse vitiligo with psoriasis or vice versa.

Patients who suffer from vitligo psoriasis have co-existence of both diseases and co-habitation lesions on your skin. In such rare case where both ailments come together a patient notices red, scaly elevated skin lesions with papules and plaques of silvery white scales over scalp and extremities. On some parts of the skin co-habitation of psoriatic lesions over vitiligo patches occur. There is usually an absence of melanocytes and lymphocytic infiltration is noted in the dermis. These skin textures are a clear cut indication of co localized vitiligo and psoriasis.


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