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The actual psoriasis causes are not known as yet however, normal skin has two layers: an outer layer called the epidermis and an inner layer called the dermis. Skin cells are created in the dermis and move up through the epidermis to the skin surface. Skin cells are continually dying and being replaced. On average, skin cells mature and shed in about a month. In psoriasis, however, the normal cycle of replacing old skin cells with new ones becomes unbalanced. Skin cells reproduce many times faster than normal and live only three to four days. The dead cells build up on the skin, forming thick, flaky patches called plaques. The redness in skin plaques is one of the psoriasis causes which itself is caused by increased blood supply to the rapidly multiplying skin cells.
The literal psoriasis causes are still not known to many researchers but many believe that it is caused due to genetic factors as well. There may be an amalgamation of factors, including genetic tendency and environmental factors. It is quite common that this disease can usually be found in family members. In case of Psoriasis immune system is supposed to play a very vital role. Regardless of research over the past few years if we look at many set offs involved in it the actual cause that develops Psoriasis is still not widely known.
The conjecture that psoriasis is an autoimmune disease is based on the reality that scientists have found strangely large numbers of t cells (a type of white blood cell) in the red, flaky skin patches of people with psoriasis. T cells are the infantry of the immune system. When the body senses a need to defend itself against infection, it first makes and then releases millions of t cells to fight off the invaders. Some t cells are normally found in skin. The presence of abnormally large numbers of t cells in skin affected by psoriasis suggests that the immune system is attacking the skin by mistake. These are some of the psoriasis causes that are known till date and which do not completely point towards the fact that psoriasis is caused by these factors. Doctors still believe there are some other causes involved too which are unidentified as yet.

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